My other job as a caterer!

Read the latest blog post from Katherine Horsham one of our Vodafone World of Difference winners:

I have been a bit quiet on the blog front recently (sorry about that) so I have LOTS to update all my avid followers (!) on. Here is my first instalment:

The great thing about working for a small charity is the breadth of working experience you get to, well…experience! Unlike major corporates, there is not an over-structured division of labour which typically runs top down from CEO to Head of Coffee Making (i.e. interns). Rather, there is the opportunity to get stuck in with a range of stuff…and that’s exactly what I get to do here at FoodCycle!

So, in addition to what I am doing at the moment, I have also recently become an Education Volunteer at VAUXHALL CITY FARM!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t know how much I love farms, I need to spend more time with you, but for now, you just need to know that this role (basically an excuse to pick up chickens all day) makes me EXTREMELY happy.


Anyway, so VCF (the farm) was having a re-launch of their Ecology Garden and an e-mail went round asking for help. Of course I wanted to do everything, but “limited myself” to running a craft-stall and doing the catering. Owing to my insane enthusiasm/keenness (there’s a line for the CV), I happened to be an ideal position to COMBINE farm and food and lose out on yet another weekend to volunteering: could I be anymore saint-like?!

The lovely Jess and Steph prepared for me to go pick up the food that a Sainsbury’s in Manor House couldn’t shift before the sell by date for the farm’s “Day of Fun”. As you can imagine, I was in my element at the back of the store, finding all the good stuff, naturally impressed that this Sainsbury’s was doing the right thing in letting us use this food.


We got so much great stuff (as you can see from the picture) and I baked into the night! In the end we managed to make the following:


“Green” Soup (only green vegetables allowed!)
Vegetable Curry with Rice
Roasted Squash, Sweet Potato and Carrots

4 Banana Bread Cakes
Strawberry and Banana Smoothies
Apple Crumble
Fruit Salad (grapes, orange and passion fruit)



It was also great to cook on the farm because we literally had no waste from the cooking aspect of the food preparation as well. Almost everything, peelings etc, went either to the pigs or the compost. Point to note: we should all have farms!

Pigs eating waste of the waste!

Everyone was really impressed with the food and I was really happy that everyone who helped had saved all this food from going to waste. Although I laugh at myself A LOT on the blog, I am really serious about not wasting anything. It really means something to me to be able to involve/ show other people what you can do with a bit of effort and by letting go of your socially engineered preconceptions about food (especially regarding Sell By Dates, Best Before and general OCD on Health and Safety).

You will also be glad to know that my boyfriend, who was brainwashed into thinking that food went off if it was unrefrigerated for 30 minutes whilst working at a major supermarket, has also been rehabilitated in this way with my influence.

I didn’t just get the feel-good vibe, but also significantly helped the farm (always good!) My contribution on behalf of FoodCycle more than tripled the amount of money they raised from catering in comparison to the previous Christmas Fun Day Event.

It was generally a WIN WIN all round: farm happy, FoodCycle happy, me happy!

Not wasting food makes people happy! WOOOOO!